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About Brickkickers

Brickkickers is a National Snagging Company: owned and operated by experienced and qualified construction professionals

  Our Inspectors  
The networks of Inspectors that make up our team are drawn from a wide range of the building professions.  Many are former Local Authority Building Inspectors, Architects, Building Surveyors, former Site Managers and other building professionals who meet our stringent requirements in terms of both academic qualifications and experience.
  Our Aim  
Is to represent your interests in getting the quality of home that you have paid for and contribute to raising the standards within the industry.

  Our Mission  

To represent the interests of our clients using our best skill and experience. Providing new build snagging reports to the public and helping to ensure that the builders take their responsibilities seriously

Working with the media to bring to attention the shortcomings of the construction industry and generally trying to raise the standard of new home construction.


Brickkickers was founded as a response to the falling standards within some of the mass market builders accross the whole of the country - see our 'Research' section.
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Brickkickers New Home Inspections is not affiliated in any way with that of 'the brick kicker' franchise
of America. The service we offer is limited to new homes within the United Kingdom.