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What is a snagging inspection ?
A snagging inspection report ensures that the builder pays for the defects in your new home. . .
and not you!
Your Inspection

Many clients ask "what a snagging inspection includes"

So we have added an extract from a report undertaken in April 2005 so that you may see a completed report and get a feel for the scope and level of detail that is covered.

  Typically a snagging inspector will inspect your new home.
Looking at the following areas, which is indicative only, as there will be many other items checked.

This list is provided to give you an idea of what to expect on the day of your inspection.

Outside your home
External pipes/ drains
Drives and Pathways
Walls, Fences and Gates
The Roof
Inside your home
Ceilings, Walls and Wall Tiles
Doors and Frames
Pipes, Radiators and Fireplaces
Kitchens and Bathrooms
Loft Space

Should you experience any problems in the identification of defects in your own home, please contact a professional.

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