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Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions
  The service provided by Brick Kickers is to conduct an assessment of the quality of construction of a new build property, considering the quality of workmanship against relevant standards. The results of which shall be produced in a detailed report.
  This inspection service is not a valuation survey.
  Brick Kickers are in no way affiliated with The Brick Kicker USA
  Brick Kickers are in no way affiliated with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.
  Brick Kickers cannot be held responsible or liable for any information or advice, it is provided in good faith and can only be held as our opinion.
  Brick Kickers cannot be held responsible for any errors or emissions made during the production of said report.
  The price of this service is to be determined before the work is undertaken, under no circumstances shall an inspection be undertaken until payment has been made.

If the client is fails to turn up on the date of the survey, without reasonable notification (at least 24 hours before the survey is to be carried out) a rearrangement fee of 100% of the agreed price is to be charged.

  If the client is late or delayed reaching the property, and the inspector is delayed on site then an hourly rate shall be levied for their time. The rate is set at £30.00 per hour.
  Any cancellation up to 24 hours before the proposed inspection is subject to a 20% organisation and administrative fee.
  Brick Kickers offers a refund policy if any inspector fails to turn up to a predetermined booking, that was not caused through acts out of our control.
  The client shall receive the report in digital (e-mail, if applicable) and hard copy format no later then 2 working days after the inspection has been carried out. Unless there are any inconveniencing circumstances, in such a scenario the report shall be provided as soon as reasonably possible.
  The client has a period of 10 working days upon receipt of the completed report to query any or all of the points outlined in the inspection. After this time it is deemed that the report is satisfactory and no further amendments can be made without incurring additional costs.
  The inspection report becomes the legal property of the client upon receipt, (provided payment has been made) although Brick Kickers retains the right to utilise or use any inspected information for publication without the client's consent. (Note that Brick Kickers will not under any circumstances give out personnel details without express consent of the client under the Data Protection Act 1998).
  Under no circumstances do Brick Kickers provide any assurance if the developer of the inspected property fails to carry out any or all of the remedial works identified in the report.
  Brick Kickers reserve the right to refuse to offer arbitration services under any circumstances.
Important Notice
The aim of our service is to catalogue the outcome of a visual, non-destructive survey of the property to assess the quality of workmanship against relevant standards. The inspection will cover the interior and exterior of the property, including garages, pathways, driveways and garages where applicable. Areas not inspected for whatever reason will be indicated in the report amd Brick Kickers cannot guarantee that they are free from defects.

Our inspectors are experienced property professionals, and the service that Brick Kickers' provide is not in any way a valuation or structural survey. If however, elements are noticed by our inspectors that raise concerns in these areas, then a recommendation shall be made that a structural survey is carried out.


Brick Kickers cannot be held responsible or liable for any information or advice, it is provided in good faith and can only be held as our opinion.

Inspectors typically will not provide warranties with their inspections and reports.  Buyers should therefore not rely on the inspection as any form of insurance policy against any latent, hidden, or future defects.

The snagging report will not review the condition of the heating system, internal plumbing or electrical systems,alarm system can be checked for opeartion if the homeowner has the correct codes.

The following are also some key items that buyers should remember and
consider when reviewing their inspection reports.


Snagging Inspections  are not structural reports.

Systems that are switched off during the inspection are not tested Roof inspections and their components are typically done from street level with binoculars.

Inspectors typically will not find each and every defect in a building, hence buyers should anticipate future typical defects and deficiencies.

Snagging inspections may reccommend further investigation  by specialists in certain situations


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