Customised / Intrusive Building Surveys

Your solution for in-depth analysis and peace of mind in home quality and craftsmanship.

At Brickkickers, we’re renowned for our meticulous non-invasive snagging surveys, ensuring new homes adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. Building on this foundation, we’re excited to introduce our new service – Customised and Intrusive Building Surveys.

Understanding the diverse and complex challenges faced by homeowners, we’ve developed these detailed surveys for those unique cases where an in-depth analysis is crucial.

This service is invaluable for homeowners dealing with ongoing issues in their new homes, such as mysterious cold areas suggesting insulation problems, or complex disputes with builders regarding work quality or compliance with specifications.

Why Opt for Customised or Intrusive Surveys?

Our customised building surveys are tailored for scenarios needing thorough analysis. These are ideal for:


Exploring Cold Rooms and Insulation Problems

If you’re troubled by unexplained cold areas or suspect poor insulation, our intrusive surveys can identify the cause, guiding you towards the necessary corrective measures.

Resolving Builder Disagreements

Disputes over work quality or specification adherence can occur. Our customised service provides an impartial, comprehensive review to help resolve these disputes.

Navigating Contractual Issues

Contractual complexities can be overwhelming. Our surveys offer clear, objective evidence crucial for disputes between homeowners and builders.


Facilitating Mediation and Arbitration

In situations requiring an independent assessment for mediation, our surveys provide unbiased evidence and expert opinions for arbitration processes.

A Detailed Examination When It’s Most Needed

Our intrusive building surveys stand out due to their detailed and thorough approach. Unlike standard non-invasive surveys, these custom assessments may involve opening up parts of the property for a closer inspection of the building’s integrity, insulation quality, or other hidden elements.

We conduct these intrusive surveys with great care and precision, always aiming to use minimally invasive techniques to minimise property disruption and damage.

Expert Analysis & Comprehensive Reporting

Each custom survey is performed by our team of skilled inspectors, equipped with extensive knowledge and a sharp eye for detail. We use advanced diagnostic tools and collaborate with specialised professionals for comprehensive analysis.

After our survey, we provide a detailed report outlining our findings and actionable recommendations, essential for resolving builder disputes, navigating complex contractual issues, and aiding in mediation or arbitration.

Our Approach

  • Minimally Intrusive Techniques: We prioritise minimising disruption and damage, despite these surveys being more intrusive than standard ones.
  • Transparent Communication: We ensure you’re fully informed and consent to all inspection aspects.
  • In-Depth Reporting: Our reports offer detailed analysis, clear findings, and actionable advice.
  • Experienced Team: Our inspections are conducted by seasoned inspectors, ensuring accuracy and professionalism.

Customised to Meet Your Requirements

Choosing a customised inspection from Brickkickers means opting for a service tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re facing a challenging issue with your new home or embroiled in a dispute needing expert resolution, our service is designed to provide the deep insights and clarity you require.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your specific needs. Discover how our customised intrusive building surveys can provide the solutions and peace of mind you’re looking for.