Ultimate New Build Snagging Inspection Checklist Service for Homeowners.

Discover the unseen depths of your new home’s quality with Brickkickers, where our knowledge is the tip of the iceberg in new build snagging services.

Established in 2004, we’ve been the hidden strength beneath the surface, revealing the overlooked defects that could undermine your home’s integrity. Our nationwide network of skilled inspectors delves deep, beyond the visible, to ensure comprehensive inspections and effective resolutions with your builder.

Our independent reports are crafted to uphold quality against all major warranty providers​​, and with nearly 20 years of expertise, we are dedicated to representing your interests and raising industry standards​.


Brickkickers offer a new home ‘snagging’ inspection service through its nationwide network of construction and property professionals

Snagging Inspections

We carry out a thorough inspection of your home and help you to present the results of the inspection to your builder, so that they can rectify the faults.


We’ve been providing a professional service for nearly 20 years, with professional inspections and reports.


Our inspectors are experts with all elements of new home construction, and the proper installation of equipment and fittings.


Brickkickers snagging reports are totally independent and we inspect for quality against NHBC, LABC, Premier, Advantage, Build Zone, Global, Checkmate, BLP all other warranty providers.


Our inspectors are experienced property professionals and your inspection will cover the interior and exterior of your property.

Where does snagging occur

Common reasons for defects occurring in new private residential properties.

Our data shows the average new home has in excess of 140 defects


Those you can see clearly in your new home but so many more below the surface that only an expert can spot

Nearly 20 years of experience in new build snagging services

National snagging service from experienced provider

Independent new build snagging reports compiled by professionals

We provided homeowner, landlord and investor snagging

Personalised & tailored services to meet just about any requirement that you may have

We can provide reports pre and post-completion

Expertise & Customer Experience

The networks of Inspectors that make up our team are drawn from a wide range of the building professions. Many are former Local Authority Building Inspectors, Architects, Building Surveyors, former Site Managers and other building professionals who meet our stringent requirements in terms of both academic qualifications and experience.

National Coverage

Brickkickers is a national snagging company, owned and operated by experienced and qualified construction professionals.

Raising Standards

We aim to represent your interests in getting the quality of home that you have paid for and contribute to raising the standards within the industry.


Providing new build snagging reports to the public and helping to ensure that the builders take their responsibilities seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is snagging?

At the time of or just before building work has been completed on a property, it is common for short comings and imperfections to occur. We call these a “Snag”.

An example of this could be a door incorrectly fitted, wall tiles not aligned, a scratch on a window or something more serious.

What is a snagging list?

Exactly as it sounds, a snagging list or “punch list” is compiled from all the defects found within a new build property. These “snags” could be minor or major issues.

During a house inspection, a snagger will write down anything they find not up to standards to give to the new homeowner.

What is a snagging inspection?

A snagging inspection is conducted to establish defects that need to be rectified within a house. It is the inspector’s duty to highlight anything that falls below a set benchmark of standards for workmanship, anything not completed to specification, and anything that breaches building regulations.

What is a snagging report?

Similar to a snagging list, a snagging report will show any defects present in the new build house for the construction team and the new homeowner.

The report is the last step in the process, finalising the issues found in the property and writing them up in document form.


We were having major problems getting our builder to put right the defects that we had found…Your report has been used by the customer care team at ————- homes head office to initiate repairs. I even got a letter of apology!
Mr P May


I didn’t know what to expect we were told the inspector would be on site for a few hours; he was with us for over 4 hours and took the trouble to explain all the things that he found.

Mrs CN


We were really concerned about antagonising our builder by asking too many questions. We used the report to give us an independent view of our property so that we did not need to fall out with the site manager. But got things done, and quickly.

Mrs R Nathan