Snagging Inspections with Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is included as standard!

Thermal Imaging Snagging Inspections

Brickkickers have been providing thermal imaging as part of our standard snagging reports for many years, helping home owners and buyers detect energy efficiency problems in their properties.

Our non-invasive and non-destructive thermographic surveys highlight “heat leaks” from gaps in insulation. Fixing issues such as this can result in dramatic improvements in heating bills. 

An infrared camera’s thermal imaging technology can help new-build home owners identify a range of problems, from insect infestations to electrical wiring issues.

Sample Report

Sample extract from a Brickkickers new home snagging report

Thermal Snagging Inspection Benefits

Thermal imaging’s ability to go beyond what can be seen by the naked eye makes detecting issues easier and faster, saving massive amounts of time and money.


Energy Loss

Our thermal imaging inspections highlight inefficient insulation, faulty double-glazing, and missing fixtures.

Leaking Roofs

A roof’s heat dissipation shows us potential areas for leaks in a roof.

Electrical Problems

Overloaded circuits and fixtures give off heat which is detected by our cameras.


Plumbing Leaks

Scanning areas of pipework with thermal imaging cameras can highlight potential leaks.


Insect Nests

The radiated heat from active insect nests is captured by our cameras.


Exterior Rendering & Insulation

Detecting missing insulation and potential rot is far easier and cheaper than other methods.

Damp Ceilings and Walls

Surface issues with ceilings and walls show up areas to inspect in more detail.