Snagging Services

Using Brickkickers own unique snagging checklist our inspectors can inspect any size home to a quality assured format.

Expert Reports

Through our network of highly qualified and experienced construction inspectors we produce for our clients a professional home snagging report.

Using Brickkickers own unique snagging checklist our inspectors can inspect any size home to a quality assured format.

Whether your home is a 1 bedroom flat or a country mansion we will find defects which require attention. Typically in a 4 bedroom property we will find in excess of 140 defects (see research by Coventry University)

When Should I Call Brickkickers?

Pre-Completion Snagging Inspections

Prior to legal completion your builder may invite you to inspect your home, they will normally give you between 10 to 14 days in which to arrange an inspection

At that time they will take you around the home showing you how all the systems work and ask you to identify any snags that you want rectifying.

We recommend it is best that we are able to inspect at this stage.

Standard Snagging Inspections

Should you have already moved into your new home, or have purchased a home which is less than 2 years old we can still make representations to the builder for defects under the terms of most warranties.

We are able to help clients who contact us prior to the 2 year deadline, and any time you have had builders in to works.

After the completion of any works to your home by builders (but crucially prior to payment) you can count on us to provide an inspection service tailored to your needs.

Landlord / Investor Snagging

Brick Kicker’s service to Landlords can be tailored directly towards the differing needs of many landlords and property investors. For some it may even involve an element of dilapidations or even down to checking on the number of plates broken or knives missing from the set. We can provide a complete condition report before the tenants move in, and at the end of their agreement, thus providing you with a detailed account of damages, missing items, decorating, furnishings, assessment of wear and tear, and an assessment of reasonable maintenance, along with a whole host of other services. Giving you peace of mind with regards to your investment.

For investors, we know you have a busy schedule and simply need someone you can trust to act on your behalf and provide a stage by stage report on progress and final inspection upon completion of a property that you have invested in that may be far from your locality.

Why Choose Us?

Over 15 years of experience in new build snagging services

National snagging service from experienced provider

Independent new build snagging reports compiled by professionals

We provided homeowner, landlord and investor snagging

Personalised & tailored services to meet just about any requirement that you may have.


I had heard a lot of scare stories about cowboy builders (there’s so much on the internet now) so I thought I would give you a call to look at my house. Your inspector was very professional, and I was amazed that the report was with me the next day.
Mrs D Young


What a remarkable service. Your inspector found over 110 defects within our flat, just finding the damage on the doors alone was worth the fee.

Mr NP and Ms EH


I thought I was good at spotting things that weren’t right, but your inspector virtually tripled the list that I had made. Much of the problems I would not have even suspected were a problem. But then I am not a builder.
Mr A Shaw