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Nationwide: Brickkickers offer a new home 'snagging' inspection service through its nationwide network of construction and property professionals.

Snagging inspections:
We carry out a thorough inspection of your home and help you to present the results of the inspection to your builder, so that they can rectify the faults.

Experts: Our inspectors are expert with all elements of new home construction, and the proper installation of equipment and fittings.

Our inspectors know standards that the warranty providers impose on new homes and are therefore able to use their own standards against them. To ensure defects are corrected. And at the developers expense.
Pre completion: For a hassle free move in to your new home call us to ensure that all defects in your new home are dealt with prior to moving in.

Post completion:
You have up to 2 years in which your developer is responsible for defects in your new home.

Make sure you identify those defects, or you will have to pay.

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