Purchasing a new home is a thrilling yet substantial investment, one that comes with the expectation of impeccable quality and durability. However, when discrepancies arise between homeowners and builders, it’s essential to have effective channels for resolution. In the UK, several reputable organisations – The NHBC Dispute Resolution Service, the Consumer Code for Home Builders (CCfHB) dispute resolution service, and the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) Ombudsman Service – aim to bridge the gap and facilitate amicable resolutions. Each has its unique structure and merits, which we shall delve into in this informative guide.

Eligibility Criteria

Each dispute resolution service has set eligibility criteria to ensure a fair and structured approach to handling complaints.

  • NHBC Dispute Resolution Service: Exclusively available to homeowners with an NHBC Buildmark warranty on their new home.
  • CCfHB Dispute Resolution Service: Open to homeowners with an NHBC Buildmark warranty and those who have purchased a new home from a builder registered to the CCfHB.
  • NHQB Ombudsman Service: Tailored for homeowners who have procured a new home from a builder adhering to the NHQB Code of Practice.

Dispute Resolution Process

All three services follow a systematic process to address grievances, albeit with varying timelines.

  1. The homeowner initiates contact, laying out the complaint.
  2. An investigation ensues, with a concerted effort to resolve the issue directly with the builder.
  3. If a direct resolution proves elusive, mediation might be offered.
  4. Failing mediation, the dispute may be escalated to arbitration.

The NHBC Dispute Resolution Service is often lauded for its speed and efficiency, while the CCfHB and the NHQB Ombudsman Service may require a longer duration to reach a resolution.

Cost Implications

Cost is a crucial consideration in choosing the right service.

  • NHBC Dispute Resolution Service: A cost-free avenue for dispute resolution.
  • CCfHB and NHQB Ombudsman Service: May incur a fee, although the impartiality and thorough examination they offer can be invaluable.


Rest assured, all three services operate independently of the house building industry, ensuring fair and unbiased adjudication in disputes.

Choosing the Right Service

Your choice hinges on a few critical factors: eligibility, timelines, and costs. Seek advice from the respective services if in doubt, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Expertise and Experience

With over 50 years of experience, the NHBC Dispute Resolution Service stands as the most seasoned, followed by the CCfHB service initiated in 2013, and the newly launched NHQB Ombudsman Service in 2023.


Dispute resolution is a nuanced field with various avenues tailored to meet different needs. Understanding the distinctions between the NHBC, CCfHB, and NHQB services will equip homeowners with the knowledge to make informed decisions, ensuring peaceful and satisfactory resolutions. Should a complex dispute arise or dissatisfaction with the resolution process occur, legal action, although a last resort due to its cost and time implications, remains a viable option.