Embarking on the journey of purchasing a new build house is, without doubt, an exhilarating venture. The prospect of a fresh start in a pristine home, an untouched canvas awaiting to be transformed into your dream dwelling, ignites a sense of excitement and anticipation. However, this euphoria can swiftly be overshadowed by the emergence of a snag list – a compilation of imperfections ranging from minor cosmetic flaws to more alarming issues. This guide aims to shed light on the complexities surrounding snags in new builds, offering insights into their origins, common trouble spots, and the pivotal role of professional inspections in safeguarding your investment.

Why New Builds Encounter Snags

The construction sector is perennially in pursuit of an equilibrium between delivering quality, adhering to deadlines, and maintaining cost-effectiveness. Developers, driven by the ambition to furnish a superior product, often find themselves ensnared in the tension between rapid completion times and competitive pricing, which can inadvertently lead to the adoption of shortcuts. The following factors are instrumental in the proliferation of snags within new builds:

  • Pressure on Build Schedules: The industry’s adherence to stringent timelines can result in hurried construction practices, diminishing the opportunity for craftsmanship and potentially leading to compromised work quality.

  • Focus on Profitability: While profitability is the linchpin of sustainability for any enterprise, an overemphasis on financial margins at the expense of quality can create a host of snags, from the utilisation of inferior materials to the engagement of less proficient labour.

  • Skilled Labour Shortages: The construction domain is grappling with a paucity of skilled professionals, a scenario that paves the way for the employment of novice workers, thereby elevating the likelihood of errors.

  • Subcontracting Quandaries: Although subcontracting can augment efficiency, ensuring these entities uphold stringent standards is imperative. Discrepancies in communication between the primary contractor and subcontractors can give rise to inconsistencies and blunders.

  • Inspection Lapses: Regular, rigorous inspections during the building phase are crucial for early detection and rectification of issues. Nevertheless, the oversight in conducting these assessments with the required diligence is a contributing factor to the snag dilemma.

Identifying Common Snag Hotspots

Snags can mar virtually any segment of a new build property, manifesting in various forms:

  • Doors and Windows: Look out for draughts, noise issues, and operational challenges, prompted by poor installation. Inconsistencies in gap spacing, malfunctioning handles, and frame damage are telltale signs.

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures: Common grievances include misaligned cabinetry, defective appliances, and leaking faucets. It’s essential to verify the alignment of units, the smooth operation of doors and drawers, and the proper functioning of appliances.

  • Tiling and Flooring: Issues such as uneven tiling, cracked grout, and subpar flooring installation can detract from the aesthetic and functionality of your home. Vigilance for irregular surfaces, loose tiles, and damaged floorboards is advised.

  • Decorative Flaws: Imperfect paintwork and plastering, along with visible cracks, can compromise the visual appeal of your home. Scrutinize for uneven paint coverage, flawed finishing, and structural cracks.

  • Plumbing and Electrical Concerns: These potentially severe issues range from leaks and faulty wiring to inadequate water pressure. Inspecting for leaks, testing electrical outlets, and evaluating water pressure are crucial steps.

The Advantage of Professional Inspections: Brickkickers at Your Service

Opting for a professional inspection of your new build can significantly mitigate the risk and anxiety associated with snag lists. Our trained inspectors possess the acumen to spot snags that may elude the untrained eye, ensuring your home conforms to the highest building standards. A professional snag list not only provides peace of mind but also fortifies your negotiating position with the developer, backed by a detailed record of the discrepancies to be addressed.

The comprehensive nature of a professional inspection spares you the time and effort involved in conducting a thorough check, facilitating a smoother transition to your new home. Addressing snags post-move can be a source of significant stress. A preemptive inspection by Brickkickers aims to alleviate this burden, ensuring any issues are rectified prior to your move.

Brickkickers is dedicated to delivering an exhaustive inspection service tailored to identify snags in your new build, encompassing all the common snag points discussed herein. Our seasoned team of inspectors is committed to conducting a thorough examination of your property, aiding in the communication of these findings to the builder for prompt resolution. Embrace the joy of moving into a new build home with confidence, knowing Brickkickers has your back every step